The Zabata Detective Agency is ready to investigate any fake or not official document in Turkey. We investigate about marriage, identity, news reports, money, diplomas, driver’s documents, records in the black book of accident, hospital reports etc. and report the facts in detail or not about these documents.

In recent years, fraud incidents have increased incredibly in Turkey. There are phone fraud, fraud by patient number, spoiling in the form of gold or money in a big place, real estate fraud and many more fraud cases.
Fraud incidents have increased greatly in Turkey due to the low number of sentences for crimes, the inability of the judicial organs under political influence to function, the hard work of arresting the criminals, the inexperienced law enforcement personnel to be hired against professional fraudsters and many more.

The resort is Zabata Detective Agency. Before you take action, consult us and we will investigate, negotiate, then send money. Let’s write you a report.

Turkey Fraud Investigate


Turkey is generally the country of good people. In this country, people are waiting to help you in a race. But do not forget that the poor people of the world will be forever. For this reason, at the same time, the most fraud is in Turkey. Best of all, fraud is to act first. For this reason, you should keep in Turkey, in a private detective. This will prevent all research, deception, and private detectives before they arrive.

Zabata detective bureau, fraud incidents, research into Turkey’s most trusted company. The method and method we use a lot of events in the fraud investigation. However, this is not a fraud should be noted well. The first job should be a deal with the Turkey detective agency.

Let us, if we have that company, organization, institution, or investigate people. Before you sell goods and goods, contact us before you do. So, what are you doing to prevent fraud incidents?
1 – The other party is the most criminal investigator.
2 – Address search we made.
3 – Chamber of Commerce is doing research and looking at the records.
4 – the bank to look after them, do research, write checks
by observing

5-Credit fraud
6 – Winners research.
7 – We are conducting Public Opinion Research in Turkey.

Turkey Fraud Investigation

Zabata Detective Agency is ready for an official document that fake or not Turkey should be examined. We are pleased with cadastral records of money, diplomas, driver’s licenses, accidents, marriage hospital reports, identity, declaration, and reports that these documents do not reflect reality or examine in detail.

Turkey is generally the country of good people. People are waiting in this country to give you a race. The poor people in the world will be forever, but do not forget. For this reason, the most fraudulent event in Turkey can. The best is the first fraud to get into action. For this reason, in Turkey, in a private detective, it is necessary to keep it. This is the private detective before all the will to investigate prevent the deception.

Fraud incidents, investigation into the most reliable company in Turkey zabata detective. Method and method of fraud investigation you use a lot. However, it should be noted that it is not cheating. The first must be done to study the implementation of an agreement that Turkey is a detective.

Let us take a look at companies, organizations, institutions or individuals. Please contact us before you sell us goods and goods. So what should we do to avoid fraudulent events.
1 – A criminal record, opposing party review.
2 – Address search we made.
3 – Investigation by industry and trade and records.
4 – sent checks to investigate the bank, looking at them
5 – Watch credit corruption.
6 – Winner review.
7 – Public Opinion Research is over in Turkey.