Patents, trademarks and copyrights allow a person or corporation exclusive use of their creative idea or symbol
While a patent, trademark or copyright is in effect, the unauthorized use by another constitutes infringement

Our Process

Zabata Detective Services assists in establishing and responding to these infringement. Our investigation can affect the transaction of goods as well as document the use of unauthorized material. Once infringement is established we report with supporting evidence

We will investigate,

Theft of ideas under development in Turkey,
Counterfeiting of brand names in Turkey,
Copyings of patent s and designs in Turkey,
Designs and logos simulating well known brands in Turkei,

If you think you are being imitated your patented brand in Turkey, will need help on this subject from a private detective in Turkey. Private detectives will detect and process mimic all of the brand individuals, institutions and organizations within the framework of the law will take out in Turkey. This issue is not only for Turkey You can get the private detective service from Zabata Detective Agency in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and other countries in the Middle East and the Caucasus. Zabata research service, all the world is identification of researching products imitated all over Turkey. All findings are documented and are reported.

Zabata Investigations in Turkey
Only authorized detective office in Turkey Zabata Services

Fraud research,
Brand research,
Registration of research,
Commercial research,
Market research,
Intellectual property surveys
Legal research,
Customs services research,
Audit services,

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