If you decide to buy real estate in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Ankara, Muğla or in many cities in Turkey, before you pay, we recommend you,should make a detailed research about this property. Mortgage can be on real estate or you can get the same real estate with someone else (the real estate can be sold in more than one person), bank or other person, the institution may levy, may be watershed or forest area In this case, your payment will go in vain. Before paying millions of euro, pay a nominal fee to our company and make a detailed analysis for your advantage.


Real Estate Investigation Turkey,
In Turkey, in Istanbul, in the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, Iran, Iraq, Georgia, Azerbaidjan, Russia, Syria, Lebanon and the entire Middle East, making the real estate research services. Armenia also do not offer. Because Judas Armenia, Azerbaijan was one of the many Muslims massacre. Countries worked, fund and asset management, investment financing risk research, have been making.