Dear bride or groom candidate, if you marry a woman who is in Turkey, your job is easy because the Turks virgin woman, and generally faithful to his wife. In Turkey, you can easily marry a virgin woman. But still, if you want to ensure your business in Turkey and other information, if you want to learn. Please give us the job. Because we do the best we have in Turkey. We’re the best detective in Turkey.

However, you are a woman and marry the man of Turks, must be very careful. Because the man is married to Turks, and probably most of you, as his second wife wants peace of mind or you entertained.

Pre-Marital Investigations in Turkey, In Turkey, pre-marital investigations, what we detect.


Groom or Bride candidate for the job,
The actual age of the candidate,
Home address,
Business address,
Is she married,
Is he single,
Character structure,
Health status,
Level of education,
Completed schools,
Smoking, alcohol, drugs used or not,
Financial condition,
Member clubs,
Family status,
Criminal records
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