Private Detective, Staff Research
Turkey’s first detective firm European Detective Agency, Personnel Registry is an enterprise specialized in research. Top-level or sub-level employees to do the research, the Company has learned a lot about’re the. I wonder if information is kept in the list of references to company general manager Is there, I wonder if the company worked together in space, and from there left a bad paylaşmadımı this information with you? Do you have a bad habit I wonder? I wonder if competing companies sızdıryormu information? I wonder Do you have a criminal record? Maybe this manager conned a lot of people before.


Private Detective Staff Research, Working What do you care,
Evidence feel it
Required Data Collection
Getting Help Appropriate Technology
Agents suitable Getting Help
Uniform Reporting

Information can be obtained Personnel Registry Research
Sudden enrichment,
Puffy Bank Accounts,
Bad Habits,
Daily Routine Life,
Reference Analysis,
Ties of kinship,
Criminal Records Criminal Investigation,
Spying activities,
Population Information,
Contact Information,
Vehicle Information,
Financial Risk Analysis,

Corporate companies’ human resources Depati airports, please our detective firm before senior executives detective search for employment. Our private dededktif, which is intended to be employed for the staff will do a very detailed study and reporting to you. Reporting,

Criminal record, previous job or were laid out why, biographies, research, family research, study habits and bad for others, please contact us.