Will make a special investigation in Turkey, reliable, confident, disciplined and strong at the same time you need a detective company. The right place at the moment. Meeting place and time you select. When? Where is it?
Dedekitlfik company registered Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, is an experienced financial statements of the strong research office. Our clients artists, athletes, employees, scientists, companies, chambers of industry, insurance companies, and are citizens.
Detective in Turkey and Istanbul, our company always works with a money back guarantee. So in the face of probable under business, your money is always subject to the warranty company.
Our detectives are working with a 95% success rate. This is a chance for you. Because you will not waste your time in vain. Result-oriented firm that runs: Istanbul Detective in Turkey Detective Agency.

Turkey will invest We provide consulting services to domestic and foreign companies. With 25 years of experience, our company will enable you to invest in a suitable sector and company. Marketing of products, incentives, local and international publicity, staffing, what are the risks?
Are partnerships appropriate?
Detailed analysis report related to the sector and company to be invested will be prepared. This report will be discussed mutually.
-Is the field-land to be invested fit for this investment? (If not, your money will go away)
– Is the investment city eligible for this investment?
– Is the investment company eligible for this investment?
-Worked personnel are suitable for this job?
– What are the real properties of the real estate?

Regarding the companies to be established,
– Do you have any checks?
– Credit reports
-General market research
-Is it safe
-Borsa chart
-Communication volume and turnover
the -Kurumsallıg
– Court processes
-Firma partners statuses

Private Detective Firms Turkey: Istanbul Detective Agency



Turkey detective

Você tem uma criança desaparecida?
Você tem um parente desaparecido?
Você vai comprar minha empresa?
Você vai comprar um imóvel e tem medo de ser fraudado?
Você vai comprar um veículo e tem medo de ser enganado?
Você tem medo de que seu filho se envolva em um crime?
Você não se sente seguro?
Nossa empresa de detetives está à sua disposição 24 horas por dia, 7 dias por semana.
Atendemos em Istambul, Ancara, Bodrum, Muğla, Alanya, Antalya, Bursa, Edirne, Erzurum, Kars e todas as outras províncias.

As informações da sua empresa são roubadas? Existe algum trabalho irregular dentro da empresa? Será que existe algum espião de um concorrente na sua empresa?
Você pode encontrar as respostas para todas essas perguntas em nós. Detetives particulares profissionais da nossa empresa trabalharão para responder às suas perguntas.