Crime Scene Investigation in Turkey,

An event happened to you in Turkey and although you applied to the official institutions, you could not get a right result. You are desperate and do not know what to do.Calling the Zabata Private Detective Office is enough,our company’s professional team of crime scene investigation is ready to help you. Our team will do their utmost to find the solution.
The purposes of crime scene investigation
Identified as the location of the event and to preserve natural features.
Activation properties of the identified records (create archive).
Examination of the created archive (modus operandi technique), to reveal the logical relationships and connections in actual scenario of the case.
The methods of crime scene investigation
The Analysis Method of Region
The search of an open or closed areas like a rectangular shape
The main method of other methods are applied on.
The method of Ribbon Review.
In general, investigation of crime scene in the broad open field, as the main method of the region is used as a method of helping parts of the area allocated by the method of examination
The Analysis Method of Grid
The improved method of Ribbon Review analysis
It is usefulmethod in the detailed investigation of the location of the event and finding the missed evidence.
Use as a assistant method in the analysis method of region.
The Analysis method of Spiral
This method is generally using in the bomb explosions, falling aircraft or in cases of fire, if the explosion and fire exit from the center to outward, or counterclockwise you can use this method.
Use as a assistant method in the analysis method of region.


Crime Scene Investigation in Turkey