Due-Diligence in Turkey

Nowadays in Europe, is no longer the young population of Turkey and has become a shining star. Socio-economic data, together with the improvement of Europe, Middleeast, Africa countries, to Turkey raining on investment. In this context, Turkey, the institutional sense, detective bureaus serving the need arises.

Istanbul dedektfilik agency, the Middle East’s largest private detective firm. Trained detectives. Turkey is the most experienced company in company analysis and other investment risks.

Analysis of the company are doing research in Turkey;

1 – The company turnover,
2 – Analysis of the company employees,
3 – The company owners, follow-up and determination of the daily routine life,
4 – Company owners, bad habits, research,
5 – The company banks, general condition,
6 – The Company’s shareholding parameter can be done,
7 – Company’s real estate research,
8 – The Company’s bank accounts, research,
9 – The Company’s overall financial situation of research
10 – The Company’s public recognition rate, and the percentage of
11 – Corporate criminal record research,
12 – The Company’s partners, criminal record, criminal investigation,

And other demands, they reported.
Company Research detectives for a company, as a report is available as soon as possible will provide all the information you want. Dedektfilerimiz master degree, practical intelligence, and results-oriented work. Olaylarınıda espionage within the company are able to identify.
Company research,
The company partners, formal and informal,
The Company’s financial statement,
Criminal records of the Company’s shareholders,

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