Land Register Investigator Turkey

Mainly in Istanbul, Turkey’s Bursa, Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, land records, we can look a lot like the cities. Please contact before fraud, Zabata detective. You can buy real estate with a small price you will give peace of mind.

If you are in Turkey, real estate will, necessarily, land records investigation, and make a detective agency. Our detective company, increasing land offices, houses, land, on the building;

1 – Do you have Foreclosure?
2- if more than one person is sold?
3 – The building was built uygunmu regulations?
4- Do you have a tenant in the building?
5 – Do you have registration for the land title registry can not be sold?
6 – The true value of real estate, how much?
7 – Property photos shot?
8 – How much maintenance and repair cost of real estate there?

such as doing research. We offer this real estate research reprorts.

Please contact us before fraud. Detective agency will give the price, do not stint