Companies in Turkey Trend Analysis Method

26 provinces, 15 over the final consumers behavior of the selected sectors, Each month, a private research carried out with 2000 individual consumer design. Method trend, Retail and Corporate Banking, GSM, Automotive, Health, Durable Goods, Technology, and other lines of business, in short, the constant pursuit of competition in sectors such as fast in a trend that can easily be adapted to different sectors, if requested.
Method trend survey results reported by a number of other custom segmentation research differentiating point.
“Methpod trend segmentation” is much easier with the companies able to understand their customers, tailored to the behavior of segmentation analysis can follow and perform.
Segment with a unique perspective on the social classes of consumers METHOD trend our research reports have been analyzed with the SES group offers varied opportunities for the customers in different market segments and the market concentration can see places.
Selected industries, customer loyalty, market share movements, customer satisfaction, and preference criteria for detection & analysis as well as the positioning of models and applied researches METHODtrend Segmentation presented with a detailed research design.
Using the sectors examined in the long-term prediction methods and strategies for the medium and long-term projection offers the possibility.
Cross-sectoral analysis of the survey Method trend shared facilities are also analyzed, is one of the biggest advantages of Method trend’in.
Method rend above project “How much of your life good” We share the analysis of the question.
Looking at the results, whether the segment table which appears interesting.
General manager / senior managers have a high level of satisfaction. The general manager and senior managers in the second of the mid-level managers is a difference of 12%. One of the interesting findings of the study and skilled workers from the normal place of work according to the conditions of their income and social status of the owners and expert employees are happier despite having lower standards.
Basic Model and Full Model Method trend research customers to assist with the analysis of two different sectors. Almost all analyzed by a team of special reports as the main target of cheap to produce sector-specific strategy.

Insurance Fraud Suspicion, Research

Insurance Fraud Suspicion, Research in Turkey,

On 01/05/2012, an insurance company called us from the United States. A customers suspected of insurance fraud in the province of Aydin and they declared that they were being very high bill. This insurance company, made ​​in Turkey said they wanted to investigate whether this is true of health spending.

Financial dimension of business we signed a contract with the insurance company American detective. Then, the detective in charge of this research in the business tasked Aydin. Investigator, began to research the above-mentioned private hospital. Invoices studied whether the hospital records of patients examined at that time, the doctor examined the records of the diagnosis of this disease is learned and the environmental hospitals and comparing the amount of therapy was questioned.

As a result of the investigations of the patient being treated in this hospital is really the invoice came out to be true.
Private Detective

Pre-Marriage Investigation in Turkey

Private Detective our liaison office in Turkey, 14 May 2013 from Germany looking for a day, a policeman, said that her daughter wanted to marry a Turkish teenager. Name of the police, the man asked for the investigation in Turkey.

Name of the customer’s request, the result of research conducted,

1 – The boy said it was wrong of the information,
2 – I’ve found that the young person a criminal record for drug possession 4.

Rogue Capture Operation

One day, looking for our number, a lady told me that her mother was sick and infested with fraudsters mother. His mother, said he wanted to attract thieves, money in the bank. Our Office of Private investigator. demanded the arrest hırszıların.

Our, detective and bodyguard services agency experts in crime scene investigation was launched. Her investigation, crime scene investigation team secured the conservation team.

Crime scene investigation team, drink a glass of water in the house the offender has identified the fingerprint. fingerprint of this system were compared with the national fingerprint and deceiver has been reached. Criminals have been arrested and handed over to police.

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